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If you'd like to ask a question please check out the FAQ section. If what you'd like to know isn't there then please email me at: HOYFCmail [at] gmail.com or use the contact form.

I'm Sally and I've been designing and making jewellery in my flat in Glasgow since 2006. I live with my boyfriend Keith and my cats Harry and Chi. I like to use bright colours and multiple layers of acrylic to make bright, unique jewellery. I've also recently branched out into making pin badges, stickers and stationery!

I begin designing my jewellery by scribbling my ideas onto paper then turning my favourite ones into vectors using Inkscape. I then send these designs to be lasercut from bright 3mm acrylic sheets. When my newly cut shapes arrive I then glue the pieces together to form the final piece. Sometimes they don't quite work the first (or second, or even third!) time and I have to alter the vector drawing and have it re-cut. It's a great feeling when it all comes together though!


All jewellery items* come in their own Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes blue box with shiny silver branding - great for gifts! Stud earrings are attached to a cute fairground ticket as shown in the photo below.

Pin badges come with card backing and most stickers are packaged in cellophane packets to keep them clean.

*Except Indie Merit Badges, because they have their own super-cool branded boxes.

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